I like a business that leaves me happy when they have completed a project. I don’t like half measures. If I am going to have to pay for a professional service, I for darn sure want it carried out in a professional manner. I am up there in years and have dealt with many, many companies…some in cleaning industries, some in remodeling, some in construction and some in services like law and medicine. If you clean my home, I want it close to sterile. If you agree to my requests of how I want my house to look when it is finished, I expect it to look exactly that way and if you build me a fence, I want it to be strong and pretty. If I see a lawyer, I want him or her to pull out all the stops and research all of the details in my case so I can be represented in the best possible light. I want my medical doctors and hospitals to consider every possible cause of my condition before dismissing me with a pill.

That being said, I can honestly say that I had a very uplifting experience while driving my little flatbed truck through Lakeland a while ago. I was doing a favor for a good friend and delivering a washer and dryer to their house. I thought that I had the appliances securely wedged into the bed of the truck but hit a bump in the road and both items immediately fell off the end of the truck. I was all alone and really unable to lift the washer or dryer by myself to get them back on to the truck. Just as I reached for my phone to call for somebody to help me, two guys in a Junk Removal Davie, FL trailer were passing by. Seeing the dilemma that I was in, they pulled the trailer to the roadside and proceeded to assist me in “operation appliance rescue.”

They went one step further and used some of the rope from their own supplies and securely tied both appliances down. They even waited to make sure that I got on to the road with no more incidents. Now that’s what I call helping above and beyond and they wouldn’t accept anything but a thank you from me. You can bet if I am ever in need of a hauling service, these are the guys that I will be calling!