It is not going to be cheap when you need to hire an attorney to help you with your problem or case. Remember that once you have decided to get one, then you also need to think about the fees that you need to pay to the Fort Myers dui lawyers. You have to expect as well that this is not going to be low or less expensive. You need to think that things are going to be long and it takes a lot of days before you can finish the case. There are times that it would take months to years and even to the point of having it for many years.  


This is the point that in case you are going to meet and see your lawyer for the first time you need to ask them about the charge or make a deal with them. The more famous the lawyer is the higher the fees that you need to pay them. This is common and we could not change the fact as you are paying for their service and the knowledge that they have spent to complete during the university up to passing the examination to become a professional one.  

Of course, there are cases that you need to pay per hour or per case. This one would always depend on the case that she or he needs to hold. There are some lawyers or attorneys that they could understand your situation and this is pretty normal. They can give sometimes their services for free as long as they can win the case so that it would give them a big help in attracting more clients in the future. But of course, there are some law firms that they would not reduce the price or the charge.  

You can talk to them about having a flat type of rate or you can pay them per hour only. There could have the chance that there are some hidden charges here so it is important that you will open this kind of thing to them. It is good that you will meet them face to face and discuss all the things that you have in your mind. This will be a great help to let them understand your situation. In case that you are too busy, then you can always check their schedule and have the best appointment time.  

If you have the chance to meet them, then this is the time that you could ask those questions that kept on bothering your mind. You can start with the services that are included with the base or flat rate and the same thing with the per hour rate. There could be something with the agreement that you can also negotiate so you need to make sure that you will read it in advance. You don’t have to worry about this matter as there are chances as well that you can get a public attorney to help you when it comes to your case