Homeowners always want the user-friendly features of lawn mowing power tools, with the best performance. Hence, we will have a review of the tools according to its best feature that will make lawn mowing easy, happy, and efficient. We will also identify the must-have hand tools that serve as sidekicks in maintaining your lawn.   


2020’s top pick as best overall weed eater is the Ryobi Full Crank Straight Gas Shaft String Trimmer. This trimmer does not only give you a large cutting area, it is the safest and easiest one. It is a 25cc 2 cycle engine that can take care of the entire trimming task. The weed eater of this trimmer can be easily expanded depending on its use. You can also select the accessories you want to attach in it, as the blower, edger, tiller, and others as used in lawn mowing services in Wollongong.  

The best Budget award goes to BLACK+DECKER LST300 12-Inch Lithium Trimmer and Edger, 20-volt. This is best for personal and residential use with a small area to maintain. This is the best small and budget-friendly weed eater for you! You do not need gas and cords anymore because this is a battery-operated tool that lasts just to finish your cutting job and can be recharged in between use. You can buy a spare battery for conveniently continues trimming use.   

The best battery-powered award goes to Worx WG160.4 4AH GT 2.0 Hi-Capacity. It has 40.0AH batteries and you do not have to worry to run out of power compared to gas-powered weed eaters. It has also a quiet operation feature, so you do not have to worry about your ranting neighbor. This weed eater comes with adjustable mowing and edging feature that helps you cut and trim accurately.   

The best gas-powered award goes to Husqvarna 128LD 17-Inch Straight Shaft String Trimmer. This is a high-powered weed eater that can take care of you when you have a large area to trim like in corporate and educational spaces. This has a 28 cc engine tool that will make trimming, faster and easier. It only weighs 11 pounds so it works best even on the long hour of use.   

Now, let’s go to the sidekicks. These are helpful hand tools, which works best with the best edge eaters. Rakes are the first must-have hand tool. It is a fans style tool used for gathering materials. Garden rakes are used to roughing the soil when you plan to dress your lawn. Using the rake regularly in your lawn also prevents the presence of thatches. Next is a spade, this works like a shovel, the difference is this is a square one. This is used for edging the beds or removing sod sections in planting areas. Then we have hose and sprinkler heads. During summer, rain is not sufficient to keep the lawn. To manage the irrigation in all areas of your law, you need long hoses and sprinklers to evenly distribute the water all over. On the other hand, if there is too much rain, you can consider a rain gauge. A turf-grass lawn only needs around 1 inch of rain per week. So, to keep track, a rain gauge is needed.